September 5th, 2003

Sea dragon

September art walk, Varsity

At 9 AM the Easy Bake office is 81º although it's 66º outside. I've got the door open and my fingers crossed. Alas, there is little work to do today: visiting the new drop shows a page entitled "Server Error in '/' Application." Waiting for that to be fixed will give me plenty of time for blogging and perhaps even writing about my trip to the art walk for my Tablet story (why not, the notes are in my purse).

Woke up this AM and found the milk had gone bad and the yogurt was fuzzy. Damned old refrigerator. However, this did provide a nice excuse to go to the Varsity for breakfast (me, biscuits and gravy, him, "lite" breakfast with egg, bacon(s) and toast). It's only two blocks from where I work (across from the dump!) and I've been thinking for a long time it would be fun to have breakfast there before work.

The little dogs had me up twice last night. The second time I went downstairs to see if Mimi had just killed Izzy (there was some strange yelp that woke me up) and discovered poop and pee in the kitchen. Of course, since I didn't have my glasses on, I found the pee by stepping in it. Hurrah, nothing like getting back in bed with freshly washed feet. After this I had a hard time falling back asleep and I think that's why I'm feeling so wiped now.

10:20 update! My boss just said I can bill for a half day and split early, yay! I'd like the money, but whatever, I'm bored and there is a lot of work to do in the house. My karaoke adventures are documented in karaokeposse, and I'll just write about my Art Walk trip later.
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Sea dragon

Puppy tales

I know this is kind of silly, but ...

I'm having a good time with the little dogs. I am trying to teach them not to jump up on my leg all of the time and to actually sit down and wait for dinner (like the big dogs do). Of course, this has involved teaching them to sit! I think Mimi already knows how, but she is used to getting her way and doing as she pleases, so I think what I'm actually teaching her is to pay attention to me. The puppy I don't expect much of, except of course that he is sweet and loving and wants attention, so in fact he is very easy to train! He's doing great with the sitting, but it's very hard for him to be still while I'm pouring his food. (I can't even get him to make eye contact. I wonder if he's getting enough to eat?)

I get the idea these dogs generally get very little discipline, and far too much food treats. I have given them almost no treats at all, although I do use little pieces of cat food when I'm doing the Sit training. I love teaching dogs tricks, and I'm thinking that maybe I'll get Izzy to learn two new tricks before I send him home! I wonder if he's ready for roll over?
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Sea dragon

All busy, all sweaty

We got a new release at 12:30 and suddenly I'm busy as snot. That's a good thing, because it's hot and nasty in here and I'd absolutely not want to be around if I had nothing to do. I would like to find some better deodorant, though. Bring on that aluminum Alzheimers causing stuff!
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Sea dragon

Nothing says "true love" like a little PR

Left work in a terrible mood because it was hot, I was hungry, and my boss was on my ass about my end of day report. Earlier he had been complaining that I didn't have enough information in my session report although in fact I think I did; I think this was a continuation of this complaint. At any rate, it kept me there an extra 15 minutes and I just wasn't in the mood. They probably got four free hours of work from me this week and since I worked through lunch AGAIN today I would have rather had some kudos for that rather than kvetching like I got. Happy hour at Tapas with miss_villanelle and dagmar_b chilled me out - dagmar_b was slipping me tidbits off her plate as if I were a favored lap dog, and I think the protein of her tender little steak probably did me some good, far more than the play we blew off would have.

Once home, we divided ourselves up for doggy duties, shadowdaddy taking the big 'uns to the park, me monitoring the guest doglets as they dashed about the back yard. After they returned, my soon to be sister-in-law came over to show me her fancy hair and ask how I thought she should wear her veil. It was kind of exciting when I realized that she was a week away from the big day. Of course, all we can think about right now is getting the damn floors finished so we can get things rearranged before the Wuertz invasion next Thursday.

After she left, I thought it was time for a little one-on-one Puerto Rico. We discovered we had been playing a certain rule wrong all along. Collapse )

Tomorrow we're getting a new bed from dagmar_b, he's sanding floors, I'm writing for Tablet, then in the afternoon he's got a meeting and I'm going to look at fishies. Finally, we're going to head over to the Rendezvous for the Burning Hearts burlesque show, most likely the later one, which should give us plenty of time to crank out on the floors!
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