September 7th, 2003

Sea dragon

Going to swim with the fishies

I didn't make it to Koi viewing yesterday - the paper said it closed at 4, and after dropping Worthy Opponent off for his 3 PM meeting it seemed kind of pointless to drive all the way to Bothell for just half an hour. He's spent the last 12 hours complaining about the floors not being done yet, which apparently is his new motivation for living (the complaining). I want him to do something fun and forget about the whole thing until the weekend of the 20th, but we're still in negotiations about that right now, except I suckered him in to coming to Bothell by promising a trip to Home Depot and, of course, the Maltby Cafe.

I was going to talk about how the first hour I was up seemed like it was devoted to pet care, but I'm not really in the mood to do that right now. The koi await! Maybe later I'll talk about the burlesque show we saw last night.
Sea dragon

Ukelooza 2003

Had a fantabulous Ukelooza, and I'm going to write a full review on my other blog at some point in time. The evening opened with a nice sarcastic George Bush themed "Favorite Things" and even had a song about zombies (hard to believe!). If only they had thrown a couple of the girls in from last night, like the sleight-of-hand fruit artiste who dressed in a leopard-spotted bikini! Alas, the event was slimly attended, although I had the great pleasure of being joined by Stefina and dagmar_b. But this worked to our advantage in both the raffle in the auction, and we came home with a mega pass to Spin the Bottle (first Fridays at Oddfellows Hall - funny how I had just been saying I doubted I'd ever go again because I found the event too cliquey), tickets for two to The Rep (we already know which show we're going to see), two four show flex-passes for Intiman (this is Worthy Opponent's birthday present), and a purse (I just bid on it to get people in the mood). Everybody was a winner - Stef got a raffle prize and dagmar_b won a bid on show tickets.

If only I were looking forward to going to work tomorrow. Jon's griping the last fifteen minutes I was there has really got me in duck and cover mode. But - of all things - Click to Learn called me back on a job I applied to in June, as a test manager. I can't imagine really being qualified, but I suppose I'll call them back anyway.