September 9th, 2003

Sea dragon

Nobody else cares

The little dogs are gone. It was fun, but there is so much chaos in the house I'm relieved to be able to focus on things like Get Majority of Furniture Out of Walking Paths and Don't Step on the Cat. Tonight we're going to try to make the house livable for the guests who will be here over the weekend for the wedding (the "wet wedding"). I'm guessing we're not going on the full moon kayak paddle tomorrow.

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Sea dragon

Old Sichuan - mmm mmm

Decided to seize the day (the part where it was kind of sunny and dry) and walked (walked!) over to the Sichuanese Chinese Restaurant (I think that's what they call themselves) over at 12th and Jackson. We got a little more hot food this time - the "Ants on a Tree" was swimming in a sea of hot oil, and the "Pork with Green Pepper" was made with jalapeno peppers, which technically are green, but can you say WOOO! The waitresses said, "I tell chef you like hot," and by Jehosaphat that's what we got. Worthy Opponent said he didn't know I liked Sichuan food, and I said since the last time he ate it was probably in Phoenix, is it really a surprise I didn't have it on my list of favorite cuisines? At any rate, it is now, and I'm very excited that there are now two, count them, two restaurants in my neighborhood I consider worth walking to.
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