September 10th, 2003

Sea dragon

It's raining again - or at last

It's a relief to be home today, although I got a ton of stuff done at work (9 bugs in 4 hours) and had some yummy food at Jai Thai (the service was wretched today, though). I have a lot of stuff to do this afternoon. Already I've got some billing stuff cleared up for way back in March with the hospital, and I got started on placing my order at Van Engelen. It's raining pretty hard out, but I am going to make it to the vet's to get some more cat food for Very Old Kitty, and likely to Home Despot for a rug pad so I an get the dining room back in order.

Tonight I'm going to see Revengers Tragedy at the Grand Illusion while my husband is off at my brother's bachelor party. I would say I'm going to swim this evening, but I suspect that once my nap is done it will be all I can do to get my few errands taken care of before he returns for the car. However, I do think I will get some reading in in the meantime. Nothing like lying on the couch snoozing while the rain falls on the roof ...