September 12th, 2003


Long days ahead

I finished my book Kushiel's Dart Wednesday after a frenzy of reading that left me kind of dizzy (the rain made hanging out on the couch seem like the thing to do). Now I'm feeling like I'm living in the aftermath of a summer camp romance. "Oh, I can just go hang out with ... oh, but he's back in Connecticut, and I'm in Seattle ...It's not like I didn't know it wasn't going to last, but I sure miss him." It's so sad to see it sitting there with no bookmark in it anymore. I'll see if I can recreate the magic with Jane Lindskold's Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart, but I think I'll really just be biding my time until Storm Constantine's Wraiths of Will and Pleasure shows up in the mail.
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Sea dragon

Day of big stress - is it the moon?

The positive stuff to say about today: the cake was made and presented at the rehearsal dinner to great acclaim. Nobody fought with anyone at any point today. I made it to the bridal shower this morning and the harbor cruise this afternoon and it was all very pleasant. We ate well at the rehearsal dinner although I now have a fridge full of seafood that I don't know how I'm going to get rid of.
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So: I'm going to buy some irises tomorrow at the King County Iris sale, and maybe buy a dress, and that's about my plans for the afternoon before I have to show up at Marymoor for the wedding. With any luck it will be a good night.