September 13th, 2003

Sea dragon

I'm in charge of what?

This morning's breakfast went pretty well. Everyone seemed to enjoy their food, and I was mostly hiding from my dad while my stepfather-in-law entertained him. Reading my email, I figured out that there was a reason why three people came up to me at the rehearsal dinner and asked me if I had "the list:" I, apparently, am in charge of setting up stuff for the wedding and the reception. The "stuff" is being brought by someone else, but there is going to be no one provided by the site to do chair and table set up ... that's going to be me and my merry crewe of total strangers. So I had a minor stress attack and then went into organization mode, trying to figure out who and what I had to work with and what the timeline is. How exciting this all is! At any rate I'm too busy to worry about people arguing with each other now. Was that perhaps the strategy? However, I would have like to have done more if I'd known I was going to be "running the show." I've put worthy opponent in charge of getting the best possible sound system set up that he can do with three hours notice, and ... crap, I need to get my dress on now so I can be there for photos at 4:15 and then somehow get my speech finished up before 6 PM when the set up really gets going.
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