September 15th, 2003

Sea dragon

Bye Bye Squid with Tofu

We ran by the Union Gospel Mission on our way into work today and dropped off the leftover Chinese food from the rehearsal dinner - two large cardboard boxes, each containing enough food (in smaller containters) for 6-10 people. So long scallops, ciao crab (and crispy chicken), moooo-ve on, mussels, bye bye black bean squid - there was just so very much seafood in there and I was so glad to get rid of it (and not toss it all out in the garbage). I hope they make a nice seafood stew out of it for the homeless guys. Of course, this good deed meant we got a TUNNEL CLOSURE on the freeway that gets us to work, and then a DRAWBRIDGE DELAY (of some 5-8 minutes) once we got back on the surface streets. Oh well. We've got plenty of wedding cake here at work today, and I'm one step closer to getting the new fridge and getting back to a normal life.
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Sea dragon

Home of the free -- range chicken!

Today our client at work brought in big buckets of Ezell's chicken for all of us working on the Home of the Free project. He even sprung for mashed potatoes and sweet potato pie and got regular and spicy. Yum yum! I'm logging lots of bugs today so I definitely feel like I'm earning my pay - it's not chicken feed, it's a chicken feed!