September 17th, 2003

Sea dragon

Sugar + tea = winning combination - for interview?

I've just had a Krispy Kreme and a cup of tea, soon to be followed by a bowl of cereal and some milk. I need to leave here at about 10:50 to make it to my interview early. Of course I kept having stress dreams - mostly that I couldn't find my clothes for the interview. It's kind of irritating that it's so cool now because the shirt I cleaned for the interview is made of linen and is way too thin for this weather!

Cathy and Matt and I had a great time playing Puerto Rico last night. Matt was still getting over a cold, and he responded well to the food fro mthe "Sichuanese Cuisine Restaurant" that we brought. I broke in a new pun as I pulled some barrels of "corn" out during the production phase - "Me So Corny." They both just died! Matt asked if I practiced those bad jokes at home. Final score: Cathy 54, me 52, Matt - I forget, 37? 42? I abandoned the Pepsi strategy (corn and sugar) for something that would make a little more money (coffee plus an office so I could sell multiple barrels), but really, if I'd just shipped a tiny bit more I would have had it in the bag ...
Sea dragon

Interview review

I thought the interview today went pretty well. I tried not to be too geekily self-conscious, and I just hope that I did well enough to have them hire me. If so, they'll be calling me back tomorrow or Friday to let me know and be making an offer shortly thereafter. I am so INCREDIBLY ready to leave Qu ... I mean, Q***. In the meantime, we're going to see the Errol Flynn Robin Hood tonight and the refrigerator is coming tomorrow, AND I've got three stories to write for Tablet, so I'm thinking I'm going to be pretty busy the next two days. But for now, a nap.