September 18th, 2003

Sea dragon

Unemployment was never so busy

Goals for today: get fridge cleaned off, interview artistic director of On The Boards, make it to 11:30 Pilates, empty out fridge before the new one arrives, get new one in the door, fill out victim's statement for Seattle City Attorney's office ... and then what? The evening is open, that's for sure. But then there's that nice new box of books from Amazon (purchased with my credit card, free $30 gift certificate if you sign up!) to keep me busy - will I dive into it or fold clothes? HA HA HA! Like I EVER fold clothes. Plus with the new book from Neil Gaiman and Storm Constantine waiting for me, how could I really refuse the call of the box?
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    King County Exec Ron Sims' voice droning on the radio
Sea dragon

I'm trying not to be waiting for this phone call

You're probably not excited about my getting a new fridge, but I'm really looking forward to having cold milk again.

Staying home all day has made me very bored. I hope I can find someone to do something with me tonight since Worthy Opponent is going to be leaving me a Theater Widow.