September 22nd, 2003

Sea dragon

"Free at last! Free at last" whispering in my ears

Just got an email from the Tripadelic recruiter with the tantalizing line "I still would like to chat whenever we can so I can present this offer to you :-) " in it, and now I'm all a-quivery and feel like bouncing out of my chair and off the roof. Ew Mah Gawd. Could this be it? (And it's strange that I can hear the vocal inflections of MLK and forget the exact words! Thank goodness for Google.)
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Sea dragon

I am going crazy trying to get this guy on the phone

Today of all days I am seriously regretting not having a cell phone. It's not enough that I would have wanted to spend the $400 I've saved since I cancelled the useless gadget, but I am getting the most tantalizing emails back from this recruiter and it's KILLING ME!

On the other hand, I found a geekier gamer than me online. The sad thing is that while I sneer at him I'm secretly jealous and want to copy what he is doing! (Snort - still surfing on his site, I find the Crossdressers of Carcasonne game tile ... it's awful that I am getting all of his jokes!)
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