September 24th, 2003


Love the Marlene Dietrich voice

My fever appears to have broken. I'm still wearing sweats but I'm not freezing. I have a headache and my throat feels raw, I'm guessing from how dry it got overnight since I had to breathe through my mouth. I can't taste orange juice and I don't really seem to have an appetite. I guess that means I'm still sick.

I haven't got a firm offer yet from Tripadelic, which mildly worries me since I've already quit my "job" (if you can call a place that employed me about 2 days out of every 5 over the course of my employment a job). I am actually going to get a second phone screen from IDX, but I figure it's not really going to go anywhere this late in the game (I had to prod them to follow up).

I finished Robin McKinley's The Blue Sword last night, so I don't really know what I'm going to do with myself today. My goals are very limited and don't involve much standing up: ordering flowers, watching the Chicago DVD extras, folding clothes, taking a shower (that will involve standing up), and sleeping. I did get all of the bills paid (including the one which mysteriously made it into the bag of recycling), so the day won't have been a complete waste no matter what (although I expect it will mostly be a waste given how incredible the weather is and how lame it is to waste it sleeping on the couch).
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