September 27th, 2003

Sea dragon

What a wonderful day for -- HACK! HACK! HACK!

I've given up on going kayaking today. No one will come with me, and I don't think I'm well enough to pull myself in a boat if I dumped. This probably means I shouldn't be kayaking at all. I have, however, succeeded in finding alternate entertainment: tulip shopping! Basically this is an expedition to Mount Vernon, where we will buy tulips (but sadly not at Lefeber tulips - I'm so sad to hear he gave up the business but really glad that he kept his farm) after we have lunch at the Mexico Cafe and before we eat ice cream at the Golden Scoop (or whatever it's called). Happily, this will all keep me from doing dishes or otherwise being productive today.
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    "Here is the News" - ELO
Sea dragon

Fun even with cold

I had a great day with Maurie. Not only did we do the planned activities, we got cool pumpkins at Beringer Farms - red flattish ones, creepy white ones, and standard orange (we skipped the silver orange gigantor pumpkins for obvious reasons). Then she came home with me and played Puerto Rico with me and Worthy Opponent. I tried a new strategy, dubbed "buccaneer" - corn plus a money crop, and beat out WO and his "get a factory ASAP" EVEN THOUGH he got a large building and I never did (gotta say getting enough cash to buy my own boat as my third building was COOL). Of course, there was some question as to whether I was playing the corn strategy or the "just be an asshole" strategy, but since we couldn't come up with a cool name for the second option (the constipation strategy?), I think my option wins out. Maurie left afterwards, and Worthy Opponent and I dug into the ears of corn I brought back with me from the trip (washed down with a little fresh cider). MMMmmm, mmmm!