September 28th, 2003

Sea dragon

Friday really was my lucky day

I felt like I was on a roll Friday so I bought a mega millions lottery ticket while I was at Uwajimaya (taking advantage of their 75th anniversary sale and the conveniently located bank). And I guess it was my lucky day, 'cause I won a big $3 with my ticket! Oo, oo, I hope I actually remember to cash it in.

Worthy Opponent spent most of the day in tech, although we went to see "Being Joe Boling" (the infamous "biggest theater fan in Seattle") at the Fringe Fest tonight. I did get my goodies together for my Roxie Hart costume (I just need the shoes) and have some brunch with my brother at the Scarlet Tree (yummy scones!) after dropping W.O. off this morning, but I'm still under the weather so I mostly just hung around the house all afternoon despite the truly incredible fall weather. I think I pushed myself a little too far yesterday, and I do really want to get better soon. So so much for "happy hour on me" at Ohana for tomorrow -- maybe next Monday.