September 29th, 2003

Sea dragon

Like a curtain slamming down on stage

Good God! It's about 30 degrees cooler today than it was yesterday. I woke up this morning and the heater had turned on! When I woke up in the middle of the night (damned persistent cold!), the FOG had rolled in and covered the tops of the skyscrapers downtown! I'm mostly glad for the cool and dark, though, because I finally got a decent night's sleep, even with the numerous hacking-and-coughing interruptions and even when you include moving from the bed to the sofa (where the cat decided to sleep on my head). The sun is supposed to make an appearence today, but I kind of hope it doesn't.

My plans for the day are 1) buying beads at Value Village for my Roxie Hart costume 2) buying food for the various and sundry mammals residing at the Poodle Palace and 3) cleaning (dishes, laundry, me). But the only thing that I want to happen today that really matters is that I want to GET MY START DATE for my new job.
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    Sure not KEXP (fund drive) and not vinyl (receiver is dying)
Sea dragon

Start date confirmed!

OK, yay! I'm starting October 13, two weeks from today. I'd want to start sooner but I'm still sick so I don't mind taking some time to NOT work.

I went to lunch at Koraku with Kevin my neighbor today. We both had today's special, sauteed green beans with tofu. I wasn't able to eat all of mine so he took half the plate.

Now I think I'm ready to go find my silvery Roxie shoes. However, I am just DYING to find my Chicago soundtrack, partially because I just found out there is bonus content available online - only accessible if you have the CD. Drat it all!
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    "He had it coming - he only had himself to blame" - Chicago
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Sea dragon

Hack HACK hack ooh what a cool post

Why do I keep thinking I'm not sick when I'm so clearly sick? I need to spend all of tomorrow at home doing as little as possible. My Roxie costume can wait (I didn't quite make it to Value Village today, although I was very entertained by the wealth of sparkly clothes at the Red Light).

I took an LJ quiz on how obsessive of an LJer I am. Apparently I'm not too bad. I did learn some new things, though, through taking the test. Some of it was new vocabulary, and some of it was ... well, the Live Journal Drama files. I apparently don't rate, but that's good. Collapse )
Sea dragon

Hee hee haiku

I got caught up doing the damn LJ Haiku thing and this so captured being sick and working an hourly job that I decided to post it:

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:webcowgirl
Your haiku:day for hack hack hack
the fever has gone away
and the extra pay
Created by Grahame