September 30th, 2003


Don't like quiet days at home

I gave Worthy Opponent the car today. So, of course, I am restless. I want to go out to lunch, I want to talk to people (very bad with throat still so scratchy, although I did manage to whisper to my sister for half an hour), I want someone to take me to a movie tonight since I can't take myself (Bend It Like Beckham's at the Crest, that sounds mindlessly entertaining). I want to take another trip to Cabo San Lucas before my new job starts (so nice and warm there still!). (Other travel options might include, say, two more Seattle-centric kayak trips, possibly including one in the San Juans?) Maybe I will walk to Pho Bac for dinner and someone will take pity on me and take me to a movie tonight.
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    "Thank you for the Music" - Abba (not sure why!)