October 1st, 2003


Lunch time movie?

The arts editor at Tablet asked me if I'd go review a movie today, so instead of going out to lunch with my neighbor Kevin I'm off to see "HELL¹S HIGHWAY: THE TRUE STORY OF HIGHWAY SAFETY FILMS" (instead of Sombre (Shadow): "This Man is blindly rapacious, violent, sunken into his most bestial state of Nature; and this Woman is (explicitly) the Virgin, about to embark on a sacred rite of erotic initiation" - nightmare fodder for me). Later I'll try to do stuff like finding silver shoes for my costume, planting irises, et cetera.
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Sea dragon

Shalimar, Koraku, and the ballet

I'm suffering some disappointments today. Primary among them is the failure of one of my dogs' digestive systems to keep the contents of their lower intestines intact until my return this afternoon. There is also some sadness about missing the free tickets to Swan Lake I could have got this afternoon, but now I want to go on Thursday if I can get someone (sallysimpleton?) to go with me. Then there is the complete and utter heartbreak that Koraku will be closing its doors at the end of the month. Gods! Is there no end to my suffering? I'll console myself by going to Cathy's and playing some Puerto Rico, and then eating at Koraku tomorrow for lunch.
Sea dragon

"What's the use sitting alone in your room? Come hear the music play!"

Value Village today was a plethora of cultural artifacts. While I wasn't able to find the cheap beads I sought (Mardi Gras beads for $1 each?), I did get a groovy pair of silver pumps in 8W that will do for my costume if I can't find some proper ballroom dance shoes. Although I picked up a copy of Dirty Minds, I skipped "Who Wants to Be a Celestial Heir" and "Catechic," the Mormon and Catholic trivia games (respectively). I'm tempted to go back, but since I figured it wouldn't really be any fun to play those games (I only know one Mormon Sunday school song - "I love to give my tithing" - and am completely ignorant about the catechism) I didn't get them at the time. Merchants of Venus possibly should have made the cut, but I figured if it takes 3 hours to play I probably won't bother. (FYI the "buccaneer" strategy had another success tonight, succeeding EVEN THOUGH my worthy opponent had both the wharf and the harbor! Most impressive.) I also found out today that they're having a "Cultural Examination of Games" at Richard Hugo house Friday and Saturday, and I might try to attend for a while, provided I make it to On The Boards to get a foot massage from hot dancer types.

The Highway Safety/Death Movies documentary was somewhat interesting. When my attention lagged, almost immediately the story switched to the rumors that the people that were making the death flicks were also doing pornos on the side (not true but the "police training" movies about homosexual activities in the men's bathroom of some small town in Ohio was worthy of a spot in The Lifestyle teste-shrivelling movie hall of fame). Unfortunately I was pretty non-plussed by the gore, even the shot of the baby. I guess seeing blood is just far more common these days than it used to be - a point they made during the movie, that only doctors or people who had seen combat ever saw scenes like they showed in those films back when they were made.
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