October 4th, 2003

Sea dragon

I simply am not productive when I stay at home

This week was going to be my big week to finish the wood floors in the dining room and back bedroom. Hah! On Friday, my final day of being able to do it, I got up at 11, barely managing to be on time to pick up dagmar_b and take her to the Still Life to meet sallysimpleton and shadowdaddy for lunch. After returning Dag, I shopped for silver shoes for my Roxie costume in the U-District, which got me a half hour conversation at the dance supply store about the merits of the various prima ballerinas at Pacific NW Ballet (she is tired of Patricia and adores Louise) and a book by Ellen Kushner I'd been looking for since I heard about it in May (spent $7 of credit to buy it ... cheap!).

By the time my trip to Trader Joe's was over and I got home, it was already almost 4:30. I arranged to do a marketing survey on Tuesday for $100 (wow!) that will involve taking pictures of my dishcloths and scrubber sponges and making a scrapbook talking about why they're important and set up a meeting time with shadowdaddy for later that night, then got a call from Rebecca, who wanted to drag me off to Chinatown for some noodles. Call me a sucker. We went to the "Sichuanese Cuisine Restaurant" near my house. By the time I got home, there was just enough time to take the dogs out and then go to my brother's house for a game of Puerto Rico, which, interestingly enough, Worthy Opponent won - having had the three of us play his role for the hour and a half that he wasn't there.

Well, anyways, I suppose I can work on the floors today ... it's so foggy there's nothing exciting to do elsewhere.
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Sea dragon

Woo hoo Chuckanut Bay Kayaking BayBee!

So after wasting nearly an hour trying to find a place renting kayaks up north (the various San Juan Islands rental outfits either didn't have anything going out tomorrow, or needed us to catch an 8 AM ferry in order to arrive in time for a 1 PM trip - yuck!, and all of the damn places in Port Townsend have apparently rolled up their shutters for the season), I finally found a place to rent in Anacortes -- and then the NOrthwest Outdoor Center called to say someone had bagged on the Chuckanut Bay kayaking trip tomorrow! And not just one person, but two! Woo hoo! I'm hitting the water tomorrow!