October 5th, 2003

Sea dragon

Kayaking Chuckanut Bay - review

It was kind of foggy today, but that didn't keep our trip to Chuckanut Bay from being fun. We had a little heart attack when we realized that the total number of people was greater than the total number of holes in the kayaks; and then, to my surprise, one of the couples left - they had been the ones who had cancelled but despite the fact they'd just driven an hour and a half from Seattle to the put-in at Larrabee State Park, they were delighted to be able to give up their seats and leave. Weird.

Total amount of time on the water was probably only a little over three hours. The water was like pooled mercury, shadowless and glassy, the paddles of the person in front of us disappearing into the water as if he'd just dropped it into a barrier holding back two universes. We ate lunch - aged sharp Cheddar and Honeycrisp apples - on Chuckanut Island, a wildlife sanctuary with a tide-pool filled, crushed shell beach and scallop shells buried in the pine needles twenty feet above the waterline. Afterwards, we paddled past a section of shoreline where the honey-comb erosion patterns of the sandstone cliffs gave way to petrified palm tree trunks - just so damn cool it's hard to describe well, other than that they looked like dinosaur backbones protruding from the rock wall.

We got back at about 3 and immediately drove to Mount Vernon for some good eats at the Mexico Cafe. I fell asleep in the car, then continued my nap when I got home for another hour. Whew! I hope I can get up in time for my 9 AM appointment at the dentist's office.