October 7th, 2003

Sea dragon

Four days left - and lots of fun to be had

Having a cup of tea at the Early Music Guild board meeting last night was probably a bad idea, although with the nice chocolate chip cookies there some tea seemed like the perfect complement. I spent at least an hour looking up dance shoes online, and found some
good possibilities for my Roxie Hart costume (or any occasion requiring being fabulous). Seems like a good excuse to learn more ballroom dancing. But do they make shoes for people with two left feet?

I've got my notebook ready to go with pictures of my dish cloths and scrubber sponges. I'm waiting for my former coworker Aaron to show up, and we're going to have dim sum in the ID and discuss interviewing at Expedia. Bye!
Sea dragon

Cleaning rags

The market research event was, as usual, a window into humanity. Collapse ) At any rate it was all over quickly enough and I was handed a benjamin for my not very hard work, and I completely failed to blow it tonight on the one slice of pizza and schooner of cider I had at the Comet. Maybe I should finally order that winter coat from LL Bean I've been thinking about for a year now.

Worthy Opponent finally found my copy of Chicago, so I am listening away now!

I finished off the night by going to a King County Metro (Bus Service) community meeting where they were gathering comments to help them shape their proposals for changes to service. I think I made a good pitch for additional service down 12th Avenue (right near my house) - but it helped that there were at least 6 other people that showed up to make the same point.

I am so jonesing to go see a movie soon. Lost in Translation tomorrow?