October 9th, 2003

Sea dragon

Rickety Tickety Tock - countdown to Monday

The day's gone like clockwork today - late to rise, trip to Pilates (stretching out my left hamstring), Koraku (I guess I'm going to go again tomorrow just because I can't help myself), then a brief shoe-shopping stop (I'll be buying them online, I guess) before dropping off the car at Greg's for pre-commuting improvements. Now all I need it a little nap to get me ready for the trip to Mandarin Gate tonight ...
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    "Funny Honey" - Chicago
Sea dragon

How Dry I Am Not

My, the bartendress at the Mandarin Gate has finally got down the Suffering Bastard. I remember the time I went there and it tasted like Hawaiian punch. This time I think I could hear the icecubes crying from deep within the glass. Anyway, I got three songs in even though the rotation got packed later - I'd have loved to have done a fourth, but it was just getting too late. The set was:
"I Wanna Be a Cowboy" - got some cheers from the audience (was it the bronco busting?)
"Funny Honey" - from Chicago - the karaoke disk plays this too fast, alas
"Promises in the Dark" - motomotoyama got me all pumped up about Pat Benatar, and something about all of the leather rocker music from the early 90s that people kept singing (and the big fat rum drink) made me want to show how bad I am at falstetto - but overall it went pretty well, if I just remember to sing the bridge in my register and not Pat's.

Right when we were about to leave some old guy sang "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You" and shadowdaddy and I slowdanced on the tiny dance floor. It was so nice!!! I'm sure we left kind of early, all things considered, but it seemed like we were there for a long time.
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