October 10th, 2003

Sea dragon

Little baby pit bull

There are two articles about the concert I'm going to see tomorrow in the local papers (one in the Seattle Times and one in the P-I). I doubt many people I know give a rat's ass about madrigals or music from the 16th century but I think I will be experiencing moments of exquisite beauty with La Venexiana tomorrow night!

I found a pit bull puppy wandering around my neighborhood, rather close to the house of the guy who killed two pits a couple of years ago. I don't know if it was his new "project" or not but I thought I was safer off taking the dog into the pound, where she can be happily adopted by someone else. I guess I'd feel bad if the dog belonged to someone else in the neighborhood, but puppies that young (about 3 months) don't belong wandering on city streets. I snuck her back out of the house under a blanket just in case Dog Killer saw me and wanted to get her back. She and I hung out at Animals while I talked neighborhood politics (although not with her) for about an hour before I took Poochie to the Animal Control and what I hope will be a happy new life.

Breakfast with dagmar_b at Glo's this morning was delish, and she gave me a super nice office-warming present for Monday. It was sad that I wasted the next four hours shopping for stuff for my costume down at Southcenter - it made me miss my last lunch at Koraku. But I'm glad I found the dog and took her in.
Sea dragon

Lost in Trans -- what did you say?

The movie was, to my surprise, sold out. Perhaps more frustratingly, we never hooked up with Nina before the movie, and she was not at the theater when we got there, so we spent about ten minutes waiting to see what had happened to her. Then we called her at home and made arrangements to come over and play Puerto Rico (we also brought over some Thai food). Nina won at 47 points with an early corn and early harbor game; Worthy Opponent, at 45, would have caught up if he'd bought a large building the second to last turn, but he only got one the very last turn and was unable to populate it. My paltry 32 point was pretty humiliating - I just wasn't producing enough early in the game. It was the first time I'd played with indigo to start for a while and I just didn't get my act together!

We've vowed to finish the floor in the dining room tomorrow after the neighborhood council meeting, and we should be getting the back bedroom done this weekend now, too. Worthy Opponent will be cleaning gutters Sunday (after we get back from the Hobbit, I'd guess). What fun! I guess we'll get around to seeing Lost in Translation next week sometime.