October 13th, 2003

Sea dragon

My first day at Tripadelic

My first day has been very exciting, mostly in a geeky way. Unsurprisingly, the night before was a hell of nightmares, one of which I think might have involved "A Chorus Line," all of which ended with me on the couch at 4 AM, finally dreaming that Tripadelic had moved to Kansas and my dad was driving me to work ... making one stop after another. The agony. I woke up before the alarm went off (actually I pretty much woke up about every hour or so after I finally dozed off at least half an hour after going to bed), woke up Jason, then got to work eating and trying to fix myself up. My heart was racing so I was awake, but exhausted. Yuck.

Saniband in place and snacking banana forgotten, my 8:10 departure met with an 8:20 arrival ... at the exit ramp. Five minutes later, I was whipping around the corner and heading merrily up the hill to the visitor parking lot. I was on time for employee orientation, except when I returned from the bathroom they (all men) had headed out (I had no idea it was going to be a group experience).

I spent the next three and a half hours mostly trying to focus (hard at beginning, easier when more concrete presentations were given). I got some good Tripadelic culture, like the fascination with acronyms. My two favorites? BAB - Big Ass Button - and TLA - Three Letter Acronym. I was excited to find out that I was going to get killah travel deals and that I could start my 401K whenever I was ready to roll. I also got my first pay date - October 31st. I'm guessing that that's why Bryan had me start today ... because it was the start of a pay period. Looking out the windows, it was nothing but grey, grey, grey. When could be a better time to start my new job? I also got in JUST early enough to get the floating holiday for the year. Yay Boxing Day! Oh, and I got a chocolate bar for being first to answer a trivia question. It’s just a cheesy Hershey bar but it’s been a while since I won that can of tuna!

Freshly aquired YEAR long bus pass in my grubby little hand, I was escorted over to our building (in the rain) by ... someone ... and taken to ... someone's ... office. Actually, the second someone is my "mentor," Chris. He introduced me to several other someones (the names on the doors are going to be really helpful), then sat down in my office (which I'm sharing with someone else) and went over a bunch of stuff for me to read on the intranet - Test Team New Hire Guide, Air Test Team New Hire Guide, Test New Hire FAQs, New Hire Checklist, and on and on. That was all on top of the 20 or so "test talks" he recommended I read.

I feel like I'd be well off walking around with a big stamp on my head saying "Newbie!" (kind of like having a student driver sign on my car), but everyone keeps saying they're not expecting much of me this week. And it looks like that's what they'll be getting. Based on the New Hire Checklist (about 40 things I should be able to do before I stop being mentored), I've got a long, steep hill to climb. Whew!