October 17th, 2003


So weak and pathetic

“Bigelow Darjeeling Blend: Rich, Pure, Fragrant, this tea is the finest the world can produce.” Or at least it might have been until it was chopped into tiny pieces, mixed with some crap tea, and allowed to go stale, which happened long before we sold it to you.

We're going to try again for the Puppet Hobbit on Saturday, and tonight we're discussing seeing the current movie at the Grand Illusion.

I found an good poem today, thanks to the NY Times review of Sylvia.

I've had a lot of discussions with shadowdaddy about the wisdom of blogging and will continue to think about doing it, while not doing it.
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Sea dragon

I'm not blogging, I'm just bored

I think this is safe to put up here.

Yeah baby! You just know my boss would walk by the second I opened this damn window up.

Friday: Movie at Grand Illusion.
Saturday: Trip to NW Puppet Center to see the Hobbit. Fantasies about Flower Drum Song. Floor finishing and basement cleaning.
Sunday: Benevolent Order for Music of the Baroque (aka Baroque Northwest) concert with some of my favorite music, Italian versus French
Monday: Silent Movie at the Paramount (Pandora's Box with Louise Brooks)
Tuesday: Ravi Shankar
Wednesday: Probably games, maybe swimming
Thursday: work on haunted house
Friday: work on costume
Saturday: clean, clean, clean
Sunday: coffee with Sherri

That would be yer full schedule.