October 19th, 2003

Sea dragon

Meeting one of my favorite writers was so exciting

Last night at the opening for Consolidated Work's new show, "Fraud" (specifically it was for "Dazzle Camoflauge," the visual component of Fraud), I got to meet one of my favorite writers, Emily Hall. She's the one who does the visual arts coverage for the Stranger, and I often read her articles when we've gone to the same show to see what she had to say about it. We had a pretty good conversation, ranging from shows we'd seen to living on Capitol Hill to the best teriyaki in town to whether or not Seven Star Pepper was as brilliant as she thought it was the first three times she went. But not only did I get to meet her; I met Andy Spletzer, the genius film critic of the Stranger, and Matthew Richter, the Big Kahuna of ConWorks, who apparently lives about four houses away from us. Super cool! It was the best opening I'd been to in a really long time, and I had lots to say about it when I super hurridly wrote up my story for Tablet this morning. Man, what a rush job! I hope it still looks good when I see it in print.