October 20th, 2003

Sea dragon

Completely soaked

It was nice to come home and ... change into a pair of dry pants. Yes, today was Seattle's wettest day ever. The wettest in Seattle, the hottest in Phoenix! I supposed I should try the coldest and windiest somewhere else, but I think I'll just settle with living through these record setting days. And maybe I'll look into getting a kayak to take home from work - I could have coasted to the lake on the overflow from the storm drains today.
Sea dragon

You know it's wet ...

... when the worms are running to get somewhere dry.

I'm about to start writing my story on daylight savings time for Tablet (picture me cracking my knuckles). Flow, oh creative juices! They're all powered up with spam musubi, so I should be able to get some milage out of them before I collapse in exhaustion. Worthy Opponent is putting the FINAL coat on the floor, and I've got Chicago on the CD player - what more could I want? Other than an extremely damp kitty sitting on my lap trying to work the knots out of her tummy - but I've got that, too!
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    "All That Jazz" - Chicago