October 23rd, 2003

Sea dragon

Inching up Learning Mountain

I'm actually helping do testing today. That means it's the first day I've actually contributed since I've been here (and it's already my 9th day here). Of course, it's mostly because I bugged the intern, who's last day is tomorrow, to teach me some of the stuff he so painfully learned over the last three months. But I also got handed off a little bug yesterday that will require me to get familiar with the database (something I wanted to learn anyhow). So slowly but surely, I'm starting to work my way up that curve ...

I'm sad about not going to see Millenium Actress on Sunday since it's not being held over. And I could have pretty happily skipped "The Hanging Man" at the Moore last night (even if it is a Stranger pick) and gone to see it then, too. At least Worthy Opponent had some time to work on my Halloween costume (while I worked my way through Fall of the Kings, which is every bit as racy as I expected).
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