October 24th, 2003


Bright golden haze

All of this warm rain has the plant life confused, I think. The azalea in front of my office - the kind that has little purple flowers, I think they call it "Songbird" - has scattered blossoms on it. That's all wrong. On the rock wall in front of my house, a crocus is blooming, just one, but still, there it is. What's next, tulips and daffodils? (Of course, the camellia on the east side of my house is blooming, but I think it's a fall-blooming camellia, so that's OK.)
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Sea dragon

Sob sob essential bakery sob


I did pray mightily to the great goddess Macrina today. And there was much woe and gnashing of the teeth for


I gave up the innocent pleasures of the Essential Bakery in favor of Filthy Lucre


The great goddess did hear me, and I did receive the email announcing the presence of Krispy Kremes in a cubicle only some small walk away. And there was much sugar and grease, and there was great rejoicing.
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Sea dragon

Good thing I wore the stretchy pants

I went out for lunch with my brother today, to HAVELI restaurant in Redmond. It was a very impressive buffet - probably 8 entree items in addition to the usual rice and chapatis, including malai kofta, saag paneer, and butter chicken, plus at least four desserts, among them gulab jamun, mango pudding, kheer, and fruit salad. I'm utterly bloated even though I only got about a tablespoon of, well, every damn thing they had on the hot side of the table, with some pakoras and mystery fritters and three of the four dipping sauces. I picked up some diwali sweets as per my plan, but oddly enough they're still sitting in the car. I wish I'd picked up a pillow while I was there, too.

I've been warned:"Don't go to India Gate in Eastgate. If you must go, stay away from the cold buffet items." And advised: "If you're driving to Redmond for Indian, I recommend Kanishka, and wear your stretchy pants. Mmmmm." Well, that's a goal.

I also learned something important, but the learning was not pleasant. And what I learned is this: one cannot go north on the freeway from where I am working; one can only go east or west. And thus did I discover the miracles Bellevue Way, the first exit I could take after getting on the freeway. I saw not only the Mercer Slough and the Bellevue Botanical Gardens, but also a whole new park and ride lot! Wow. And on the way back I found "Historic Willowby," but that's another story.
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