October 30th, 2003

Sea dragon

Busy weekend ahead

Last night I was somehow talked in to helping doorbell for Judy Nicastro this Sunday. Am I crazy? I haven't done doorbelling since the Adam Smith campaign back in the day. It will help assuage my guilty conscience, though. I really want her to win but I feel like it's at the point that no amount of money will really make a difference.

I got Hoarders Rewards today when I trotted down to the basement and discovered, YES!, the candy I had bought in early September was perfectly suited to being used for the little Hallow-weiners that are going to be coming around the offices today. I've also got my office all tricked out in skeletons and not-too-scary spookiness. I can't wait to see all of the little kids - I'm sure it will be much more rewarding that anything I might see at home.

I did manage to get the second book in the Kushiel's saga last night, but I found myself working on Perdido Street Station instead. I got caught up reading it on my way back from work on the bus, on my first trip into the bus tunnel from I-90. It was kind of goofy - I got very "I love Seattle" on the way in - something about all of the pretty lights of the city, from the spotlit Independence Hall-like turret of Providence Medical Center, to the green Jose Rizal Bridge, to the charming garlands of red lights streaming up both sides of the freeway - it was just one of those "New York, New York" moments, when I wanted to say, "I want to make it in this town! I want to make this town work, and me in it!"

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Despite my bus-ride epiphany, I drove in today, I think because I want to go somewhere for lunch. But in truth, I drove in because I knew that TODAY would be the day that I would get to have an accident blocking traffic, so I wanted to make sure I spent as long as possible sitting on the freeway so I could really get into it.

I have a build to verify so it's probably time for me to get on it ...
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