October 31st, 2003

Sea dragon

My halloween costume will be ...

Why put on a wig when I can be a grumpy bitch today dressed as I am? I only say this because I got to the bus stop half an hour early and discovered after I had been standing there in the FREEZING cold for ten minutes that I had missed my bus. Some "helpful" guy said I could get where I going by transferring to another bus that came right after this one dropped off. I wound up spending ANOTHER 20 minutes in a different park and ride lot, then seeing the bus I WOULD have caught preceeding us down the off-ramp into Factoria - then, of course, making a LEFT toward my office as the bus I was on made a RIGHT. I exited unceremoniously at Factoria mall and began the process of walking to work, a 15 minute uphill jaunt after I'd actually escaped the mall parking lot. At this point Caffeina, the goddess of bad mornings, finally kicked in, producing (1) my boss in her SUV underneath the overpass (saving me the uphill walk) and (2) four boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts in the lunchroom upon our arrival. I decided to eat two out of pique.

In other news we went to see Guy Maddin's "Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary" at the Little Theater last night. It was a delightful blend of silent movie camp and just a wee bit of spookiness. It's showing for three more nights, but I'm very glad to have seen it. It's nice that it was so short, since it got us home early enough for me to be in bed at a decent time ... not that it did me any good!
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