November 1st, 2003

Sea dragon

Back from the "Chicago" party

Just got back from watching Chicago at Cort's house. Two other of his friends showed up, and we had a good time. Richard, the massage fiend from the last game night, was there, and he is a big Chicago goon like me - but that was good because that freed me to start singing - with him. They all got a kick out of my description of the Lifestyle hall of terror as well as the Tentacle Monster Anime movies at my house last weekend. Cort and Rodney had bought me a special bottle of wine - Schwartz Katze - because the bottle, in the shape of a sitting kitty (with the spout coming out of one ear), reminded them of me. I'm ridiculously pleased about it.

We were late getting to the party because, after doing absolutely nothing all day, we got to the BBQ Hut in Renton at 5:50 ... seemingly early enough to be out of there by 7, but no! The restaurant had been swamped with people excited to try it after the review in Friday's paper, and it took us 20 minutes to get our order taken and another twenty five to get our food (and ten more for my damn chai to show up). The food was actually great but I think Cort was a wee bit panicky that we were late for the party that I had called.