November 2nd, 2003

Sea dragon

Shockingly cold - with sun. Doorbelling for Judy

The weather came through today with afternoon sunshine (after only being good enough to get me to lay around on the couch yesterday) and I held up quite well for four or so hours wandering the streets of Ravenna knocking on the door of selected frequent voters to ask them to Vote for Judy Nicastro. One guy gave my doorbelling companion quite an earful about Judy's shortcomings on the South Lake Union issue Collapse ) I guess that convinced me to vote yes on districts - it has sound political theory behind it, too, about getting people more involved in politics locally AND making the government more responsive. We'll see if it passes.

The sunny, frigid weather (did we really have snow on the first of November?) had me crazy to get planting my flower bulbs, and though I did get an hour or more of work in the backyard after my return, I only got around to pulling the dahlias and gladiolas out in preparation for their Long Winter Nap. I even got a guest visit from Worthy Opponent, on break from the show he's working on to pick up lighting gels. I gave him the car, too, dooming myself to an evening at home. Collapse ) Maybe tomorrow evening I'll go to Julia's and sing a bit. I was trying to move heaven and earth to reschedule a meeting on Tuesday, but heaven and earth have been highly resistant, and it looks like I'm going to have to bag on the party and work instead - volunteer work, mind you, but not as fun as the Kona Kitchen.

Collapse )

Last night after the Chicago party we actually got in a game of Puerto Rico with Cathy. Collapse )
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