November 4th, 2003

Sea dragon

Don't forget to vote! And: why traffic gets backed up so frequently when there are no accidents

I've decided that Seattle drivers have a hard time driving under certain conditions. These are:

Yep, that about covers it.

Poor Worthy Opponent came home after I fell asleep last night and then left at, what, 6:30 AM to get some stuff done at work that he didn't finish up the night before due to having a show to work on? Yuck.

I have a meeting tonight and a fair amount of work to do today, so over and out for now. With any luck I'll get to take a walk over my lunch break in the frigid cold, which appears to have killed off the potted plants in front of my house. Oops!
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    "Kushiel's Chosen" beat the crap out of Pinto's "The Chosen"
Sea dragon

Aloha Karaoke

Tonight was rush, rush, rush, fix bugs, buy present, get gas, make food, take out dogs, wrap present, go to meeting on Capitol Hill, go to Mandarin Gate. Then I got to sit down and wait. Man, the bartendress sure knows how to make those drinks now! I can't even spell right. I got there early, so I got a lot of songs in.

1. Will You Love Me Tomorrow
2. I Fall to Pieces (I should never do this song again)
3. I Eat Cannibal - in honor of Celine's birthday, I did a bunch of 80s new wave stuff.
4. Sara (went over really well but it's such a strange song)
5. Putting on the Ritz

I think I forgot a song although I can't remember what it was ...