November 7th, 2003

Sea dragon

Half holiday - lots of gardening this weekend

I don't have to go in to work today at all ... all I have to do is move my computer to the war room in preparation for my 3 AM return. I was thinking maybe I could try to hit a Pilates class, or do lunch with someone if they were free, although I don't know who that would be today. I'm planning on spending the afternoon gardening, then taking a nap (to try to reset my sleep schedule a little bit), and of course going to Worthy Opponent's new play tonight, likely followed by Spin The Bottle (the 11 PM show at Oddfellows Hall). All I'll have to do after that is read a bit and it will be time to work.

The new Tablet is out, and I have two stories in it. I don't like my Love, Actually review any more, but the story on Daylight Saving Time is pretty good.