November 8th, 2003

Sea dragon

Strung out

The guy next to me is now saying about every 5 minutes that he's tired. I'm tired, too. When can we wrap this shit up and go home?
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Review of the last three days

I've been pretty focused on last night/this morning's work event, so I haven't updated very much - well, about the important stuff, rather than just taking my emotional temperature.

The ballet on Thursday was highly enhanced by my getting a *free ticket* as I waited in line. This means I sat between a bunch of people who were really jazzed about being at the ballet, and I had really good seats. "Artifact II" was as fabulous as it was the first time I saw it, although not as surprising, and all of the dancers that performed that evening were on the top of their game. Collapse ) Afterwards I met Worthy Opponent outside of Freehold Studio (I got to listen to the Spanish Harlem Orchestra while I was waiting) and we got to visit for the first time since Saturday.

Yesterday I did succeed both in going to Pilates and having lunch with dagmar_b, which reminded me 1) how much I enjoy Pilates and 2) how much I enjoy the company of this good friend. I also was reminded about how lucky I was to be able to have lunch at the Essential Bakery, and took advantage of being there and go four (4!) desserts.

I was late getting started on my gardening (due to my nap), and I wound up planting in the rain and then in the dark. I think I'll be planting every weekend until Thanksgiving, but with any luck it won't be as bitterly cold as it was earlier this week so I can get good work done. Afterwards, Worthy Opponent came home and we had a fun Friday: a cheap dinner at Guaymas, cheap beers (and cider!) at the Comet, a free play (with my friend Stephanie!) at Freehold (it was Brecht's "Caucasion Chalk Cirle," and I think the Theater Simple folks did good work with it), then a tasty reception, then back to freehold for Annex's Spin the Bottle, then off to Playland for a little pinball. When I got home at 1:30, there was already an email saying that we were supposed to come in early, so I pretty much just brushed my teeth, changed into some glasses, and went back to work. At least I had had a good day.

As for the five or so hours I was at Tripadelic, I guess I would say they were fairly painful ... I was just too tired to do really good work. I didn't eat any of the free snacks that were laying around, oddly enough - I guess I'd had enough baklava and goat cheese at the reception earlier to tide me over.

Today I slept until about one, then sleep-walked to the Maltby Cafe, which I figured would be just the ticket for easing back into polite society. I probably would have appreciated more gravy-coated potatoes, but instead we just split a Maltby Club and called it good. Unfortunately most of the mild and sunny day was gone by the time we got home, but we'll still have time to see Pirates of the Carribean, now at the Crest, later this evening.
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