November 11th, 2003

Sea dragon

Thai Tom and not much else

Last night we were obliged to go to the U-District to return Millenium Actress to Scarecrow, so we took advantage of the situation and went to Thai Tom for dinner. The wait, as usual, was incredibly long: I got a full chapter of Kushiel's Chosen read while I waited. And that, pretty much, was it for the night.

Today I have the brilliant idea of doing a "meet the guests" book for Thanksgiving. Already I was going to do a recipe book, mostly because getting all of my damn recipes together is always such a chore, and I had been thinking, why not just make a couple of extra copies and give them to my guests? But today I was thinking, maybe I can make a little magazine out of it and have profiles of who's coming over, then send them out to everyone before they show up. That way everyone would know a little bit about who was going to be there and they'd have a lead-in for conversation! Of course, will I have time to do this before the big day?
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Sea dragon

Earned my monkey chow today

I was just sort of randomly checking out interesting itineraries in Mexico and found a very interesting issue. I did the right thing, first checking in the bug database, then calling the appropriate test team to ask if it was really a problem. The guy reproed it on the phone as I explained it to him and shit a solid gold Christmas tree right then and there. He asked me to write it up as a bug IMMEDIATELY and told me it was a Pri 1 Sev 1 showstopper. I'm just so damned pleased with myself right now I can hardly stand it.
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Sea dragon

Howard Bulson makes you a star

After a right relaxing Pilates class (relaxing if you like shaking legs and aching arms), Worthy Opponent and I had a yummy dinner of spaghetti carbonara then headed to Julia's on Broadway for an evening with Howard Bulson. There were only two other people singing, so I got in lots of songs - more than I should have. I did get some great use out of my new Chicago and Cabaret songbooks, but I wished I had xeroxed them off beforehand to aid Howard in playing them. Also, I wish I'd memorize these damn songs so I wouldn't have to be hanging off of the sheet music!

Anyway, my set(s):Collapse )

In between performing I read through books of Thanksgiving recipes (me so geek). Suddenly we have 13 people coming - my brother finally asked his friends Dave and Deb and they said yes. We've still got two outstanding invites, one to my brother's friend who lives in Pullman, one to any friend of my brother's that meets my criteria to possibly make them compatible with my boss, who is also coming (and would otherwise be the only person who came by herself). Of course, here I go meddling again, but I've met one success lately - making a very good set of friends out of two of my pals after much arm twisting - so I'm not totally hopeless. And heck, if my friend INSERT NAME HERE actually does like OTHER NAME's old roommate, then my batting average has really improved - without any effort on my part!
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