November 13th, 2003

Sea dragon

A boring life is basically a good thing

As we hustled down the stairs to the car this AM, we noticed that the car's windows were frosty - and then they became completely foggy, resulting in a five minute delay in our departure. Thus Worthy Opponent wound up taking the bus, and I the car to work. But he's got a great front page review of his show in the Seattle Times today, so I'm sure he's not grumping too much.

Last night I eschewed the Tablet writers' meeting in favor of going to the Donald Byrd/Spectrum Dance fundraiser at On The Boards. Although I think I must be one of the biggest non-dancing fans of modern dance in Seattle (or at least among the group of people I know), last night brought home how incredibly unconnected I am in the world of dance. Yeah, sure, I can pick Ken and Francia Russell out of a crowd (and I did, in fact, talk to them, to thank them for supporting this event), and identify many of the Pacific Northwest Ballet dancers by name (Arianna and I even talked last night - she does know Paul Rattay after all!), but none of the people there knew me at all. I mean, I know I'm really a big nobody, but last night just drove it home. At least with the Early Music crowd I've been going long enough to make friends. The performance itself was enjoyable - the people from the Washington Ballet were incredible - but I was exhausted and left at intermission, pleased at least that I'd seen several of Donald Byrd's new works but basically just worn out from my day and a cumulation of lack of sleep. I got in bed at a decent hour (and didn't even pick up my book - oh, the humanity!), so I do feel much better overall today. Here's to finding a few good bugs - or just one today, the one I couldn't pin down in three hours of testing yesterday!
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Sea dragon

Work isn't as exciting as I'd like

Spent rather a lot of time today mooning over someone's travelog on their two week kayaking trip in Baja. I found it doing a search for someone who's going there this spring and put an All Employees post out looking for recommendations. I'm absolutely drooling - I want to go back so badly! Meanwhile at work I spent over two hours in meetings to which I had nothing to contribute, although I did pull the to my ears meaningless phrase "just add the turl to the blob" out of a long blathering conversation between a developer and a PM. My hope is that going to Pirates of the Carribean will clean out all that crap from my head.
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