November 15th, 2003


That dreary time of the year

I've got abut 400 more tulip bulbs downstairs waiting to go in the ground, and the weather is cooperating by 1) raining 2) being cold 3) being dark. I don't feel like going out the least little bit, even though I got back early enough from Maurie's birthday celebration at Haveli (and thus woke up early enough) that I should easily be able to get three hours of digging done - and the whole yard completed - long before the sun sets at what, 4:30? Instead I want to lie on the couch and read and nap, fully absorbing the biscuits and gravy I made for breakfast and making my only errand going out to buy the ingredients for the smothered chicken I'm planning on cooking before Cort's party tonight. Ah, the short, lame days of a Seattle winter! At least I don't have to go into work today.