November 16th, 2003


Reflections on a cloudy afternoon

It's sad to think that after waiting four years for the Matrix to wind up, a mere week after I saw the final movie in the trilogy I have absolutely nothing to say about it. It's just not really worth discussing.

It's overcast and periodically raining quite hard. We're off to Town Hall to see the first concert in the Early Music Guild's "Discovery" series. I hope there are lots of people there, since I'm in great part responsible for the series' existence.
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Suddenly a pleasant fall day

The sun was breaking after the crap weather of this morning, so we ran off to Lake Washington Boulevard for a quick walk among the pretty fall leaves (we ran home and got the dogs first). The clear is holding, at least for a bit, so I'm going to rush outside and get a few more bulbs in the ground before I start cleaning and cooking in preparation for my brother (and sister-in-law)'s arrival for dinner and Settlers of Catan tonight. I'd better be quick though - there's not even an hour of sunlight left, and according to Shadow I'm being very negligent about providing water to my beloved pets.
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Sea dragon

A successful weekend, rain and all

Our guests have gone home, after a game of Catan which I won, although I don't know how a sheep monopoly has ever led to such success before. We managed to make our way through all of the forks (even the dessert forks!) and the knives and teaspoons over the course of the weekend, leaving us with soup spoons and steak knifes (the ones that live in the butcher block) to eat with, so as soon as I am off the box I'm doing some dishes. What with the smothered chicken (guest=sallysimpleton) from last night and the Cheesy Ham and Noodle bake (guests=Chris and Maurie, who brought fresh apple pie as their contribution to the meal) tonight, there are lots to do, but I'm nice and full so I don't mind too much.

It was actually a good weekend overall. I got at least 300 bulbs planted, and the majority of the backyard (the major planting areas) is done now. We went to game night last night at Cort's, where my gift of a shockingly phallic bubble bath container was received with laughter (repeated through the night as further jokes were made at its expense), and the concert this afternoon had about 100 people in attendance, so it seemed to be very successful. Now all that's left (besides the dishes) is a quiet evening with the lovely anguisette Phedre of Kushiel's Chosen. I get the feeling I'll be seriously considering buying the third book in hardback.
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