November 17th, 2003

Sea dragon

Reliving the attack

I came home to a message from an investigator working for the public defender's office, who spend an hour on the phone with me going over the attack from last summer. He asked me toward the end if I was scared during the attack, and I had to answer no, I was like a Galapagos booby, too stupid to realize that people could kill and eat me. The phone call left me drained and freaked out, and I had kind of lost my appetite for going out. We did, however make it to Seven Star Pepper, and came home to play Hunters and Gatherers. He said it's going to be going to trial in aobut a month, and that I should be getting a subpoena in the mail. I wonder why the city attorney's offices are taking their time? I'm not looking forward to having to relive this over and over again.
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