November 20th, 2003

Sea dragon

Second breakfast - yum!

Tonight my work is having a party on a cruise boat with liquor and fake gambling. I'm really crossing my fingers for Karaoke. This is making me miss the EMG board meeting tonight, but I'm having a hard time feeling sad about it.

I've been snacky at work all week, so today I broke down and bought a english muffin sandwich at the deli across the way. Mostly I go over there because I like to hang out with my boss, but I got to hang out with other people, too, which made it an even more fun walk. I've got the Flat Iron Black Bean Beef with Pepper from last night for lunch today. I am hoping to can the munching outside of meals, though.

Sadly enough I didn't go see a movie last night. All of the movies on my To See list are serious, and I wasn't in a serious mood. That means our exciting activities for the evening were our dinner at Ho Ho Seafood (the "Happy Mouth" restaurant, a very cute name), followed by frame shopping at the Goodwill, reading, and a game of Carcasonne BC: Hunters and Gatherers. This time Worthy Opponent won, although I was nipping at his heels. Of course, somehow I got distracted (I think it was getting my pile of Thanksgiving recipes together that killed me) and wound up staying up too late, and this morning my ass is draggin'.
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