November 22nd, 2003

Sea dragon

Drunk puppet night: focus on "drunk"

Last night's outing to the REBar for Drunk Puppet night made me extremely grateful that we didn't succeed in dragging any of our friends with us. This opinion was shared: I ran into Bret Fetzer during intermission and greeted him by saying, "I could tell you were hear when I heard your laugh," to which he responded,"Do you remember when? I certainly don't." The very worst section was two guys who I could smell all the way from the third row, who spun around in circles and addressed each other with small, bad paper-mache puppets they stuck on their hands. The whole thing reminded me of something my college roommates might have done during a particularly inspired acid trip, which they would have thought was "mad genius" but which in fact was just bad. The final show, a Punch and Judy show, was just wonderful, but I'm distressed that the Monkeywrench Puppet Lab quotes me so freely in their promotional materials given their inability to edit this crap down to a managable show.

Today: freezing cold, house cleaning, Thanksgiving day shopping, and more. Right now: pecan pancakes and a slab of ham (yum!).
Sea dragon

Barely staying awake, and I'm at home even

I hate this time of the year, when the sun sets at 4:30. It was sunny for about half an hour around noon, but now that the clouds have rolled back in all I want to do is eat and go to sleep. Spending twenty minutes waiting in line at Art Tile didn't help either, but since the bathroom floors are supposed to get replaced on Friday we really need the supplies. Too bad they didn't have them!
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