November 24th, 2003

Sea dragon

Kitty news - not very good

My old kitty is hardly eating any more. I'm cooking her eggs to see if I can tempt her - she only seems to like to lick her food although I can get her to eat ham from my fingers. I have heard her yowling many times downstairs at night - enough to wake me up - and I realized that I hadn't seen any hairballs in a while. I think she's yowling in pain, although I don't know for certain. It's hard to tell if she's in pain generally because mostly she spends all day sleeping in a soft warm place and not doing much. She's down to about five pounds and seems to have bad balance. I'm hoping her appetite will pick up again. Otherwise she looks like maybe she's got two weeks or so left.
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Howard Bulson rides again

I have been bubbling over with music for the last week, so Worthy Opponent and I finally went to Julia's to sing tonight. Collapse )

This last week both Worthy Opponent and I have been feeling like we're very short on friends. I've been feeling a profound disconnect from the people that I had considered important parts of my Circle of Friends, and I haven't been able to figure out why. Is it my new job? I've also kind of had a general restlessness lately, a sort of "is that all there is" brought on by night after night of doing not much. I'm not really sure what to do about this. Maybe it's just cabin fever. I'm guessing Thanksgiving will be a big pick-me-up, but I probably need to start "expanding the circle" again. Of course, I could just go have a baby or something and that would keep me too busy for any of these sorts of issues for a few decades.