November 25th, 2003

Sea dragon

Couldn't sleep but I'm running on something this morning

I started reading the New York Times article about online dating on the bus today and it had me laughing out loud. Love this quote: "I have no one to ask whether Greg is a man-whore but Greg himself." I'm very interested in new ways of creating community, though, so it had me thinking, too.

I was also thinking that the SF novels that I like - well, of the cyberpunk genre - have all too frequently fallen into a few narrow plot categories. First: There's a Virus Loose on the Net - and it's Killing People! Second: I Thought I Was Just a Human - Then I Discovered I Was Engineered to be the genetic future of mankind (Hermetech)/ a substitute for the sister of the greatest nano-scientist ever, genetically imprinted with the future of mankind (Queen City Jazz)/ Aimee Mann (forget the book). I'd guess there's a few more plots out there, but right now if I figure out it's falling into the first category, I send it right to the Twice Sold Tales pile.
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Sea dragon

Turkey on the brain

I'm reaching a state of total Turkey immersion right now. I have been working on the "Be Our Guest" magazine for two days and spent a good part of this morning coordinating who was bringing what. I also got highly distracted by the
pie recipes
on Epicurious. If these or other foodly thoughts have proven of great distraction to you, I offer an article about the calorie restriction diet as a counter balance. Collapse )
You may also want to read about reducing holiday stress.
Sea dragon

Sick kitty

One of my husband's coworker's has kindly offered to take care of Hestia while we're out of town this weekend (hiding out from what will be a tolietless house). She also referred us to a very good website about taking care of older cats. It looks like it's possible I should take her in for a urine analysis tomorrow to see if her kidneys have finally given out. If they have, I should apparently put her to sleep quickly. ("Once urea levels reach a certain threshold, death is inevitable and unpleasant so most vets recommend euthanasia before that point.")
I haven't seen her eat a thing in two days, though, which means that at this rate, she'll have starved to death before we come back. I feel like I need to make a decision soon - I don't want to have her dying on Suzanne.

I didn't get any of my baking done tonight (although I finished my shopping), but since I went to pilates I think I should really take a shower before I go to bed. I'm planning on leaving work early tomorrow and getting some serious cooking done in the afternoon - and picking up the tile, and possibly going to the vet.