November 28th, 2003

Sea dragon

"There's hydroplaning on 520, water coming over the bridge ..." (my wake up on radio)

The day after Thanksgiving, I am still full from all of the food I ate last night. The thing that really killed me was the homemade ice cream, the black walnut stuff my brother brought (and churned on premise). I was stuffed after dinner, then I had some of the ice cream (after washing dishes), then we played games (Puerto Rico and Settlers of Catan, we had enough people to have two groups going), and I had more ice cream, then I had more ice cream, then everyone left and there was just a little ice cream left and I had that, too. Now were getting ready to have the traditional post-Thanksgiving breakfast - a slice of pumpkin pie - and I find myself wondering: should I have some more ice cream?

Anyway, we didn't get to sleep until two and I'm pretty beat right now, but the guy is already over to do the tile and we'll be leaving soon to go to Long Beach (WA, not CA). With seven hours of sleep, I'm looking forward to a nice long nap in the car, and with the weather like it is, I'm anticipating a lot of reading and board games this weekend.
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