December 6th, 2003

Sea dragon

The Bad Acting, the Cool Costumes, and the Wardrobe of heavy Christian symbolism

I dreamed last night that I was working as a receptionist for Pacific Northwest Ballet and Arianna came up to me and asked me to help her do research on fouettes. As we sat in a private room watching tapes of dancers, she told me it had been nice working with me and she wanted a chance to say goodbye since today was going to be my last day. I had only been there three weeks. I think I'm still having a lot of concerns about keeping my job, especially because this week I pretty much had nothing to do all week.

Last night we went to Seattle Children's Theater to see their version of "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe," which has received really great reviews from writers I respect. I wasn't surprised by the breaks into song, which detracted from the story (especially since all the songs were bad), but I cringed at the Very Bad Overacting (of the lion) and wanted to dig a hole to get away from all of the Christian symbolism (perhaps to get away at my memory of my sixth grade self "not getting" the cracking of the "stone table" and the references to the Last Supper and Garden of Gesthemane). The costumes were fabulous (I watched them any time I was bored), the lead actress was very enjoyable, and I mostly got a kick out of the sets, so it wasn't a BAD night of theater, but I was glad that I hadn't paid full price and that I hadn't succeeded in dragging my brother along with me. Going out to happy hour was almost as fun, though.

Somehow we got sunny weather today so it looks like I'll be finishing planting my flower bulbs today. We also need to hit the Museum of Glass this afternoon, then tonight is the chaos of the company party, the concert I bought tickets to before I got the job that starts in the middle of the party, and the show that Worthy Opponent has to go strike after the concert is over (but still in the middle of the party). I haven't figured out how to handle all of these things yet - leave the concert early? Just go to the party after the concert? Grr.
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