December 7th, 2003

Sea dragon

Back from the work party and the Mercury

We're back from the work party. I had extra drinks while I was there - why not, they were free and the one person I knew there was handing out drink tickets (and gave me lots). I decided to ride my drunk when we left at 1 AM (closed out the party!), and we went to the Mercury, where "what to my wondrous eyes did appear" but motomotoyama and miss_villanelle. I think our hour and a half of dancing made our entry fee worth while. Now I'm at home watching Worthy Opponent juggle the glowing ice cubes that they put in our drinks. I suppose I am easily amused ... otherwise I wouldn't be making up songs about my dog. "Shadow, Shadow, he's my fuzzy wuzzy poodle dog ..."
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Slow post-party Sunday

I woke up at about 9 today, not with a headache but still kind of spinning and stumbling around. Not very attractive. I drank two big glasses of water and then went back to bed, but when 11 finally rolled around I couldn't relax anymore thinking of all of the too-many things I had to get done today between the time I woke up and the time we went to see Cathy in the Seattle Pro-Musica show - clean the house for the post-concert reception, wash the glassware from Thanksgiving (!), get a refill at the pharmacy - and, of course, go to Mike and Nina's for their engagement party. I took my time getting OUT of bed but I was still going pretty slowly (no thanks to the cut in my "ring" toe from the toenail of my pinky toe - too much dancing last night, too much blood on my toe this morning).

Somehow almost everything got done (uh, except for anything involving cleaning the house), and thank GOD everyone was too exhausted to come over after the concert. So now Worthy Opponent is getting into cleaning the glassware and I'm getting ready to take the dogs for a walk. Then, I think, I'm going to lay around and do nothing (maybe catching up on the many, many friends entries on Live Journal). It's been a long weekend.
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