December 9th, 2003

Sea dragon

Sky at 8:30: pewter grey and about 10 feet from the horizon - so glum

On my way home yesterday, I heard a news report that Cherry/James were closed around 9th Street (possibly an eviction related to the expansion of Harborview Medical Center), so I figured Worthy Opponent was likely to not make it home in time to eat before we went to a movie ... and I wasn't really in the mood for watching a war flick ("From Here to Eternity," showing this week at the Varsity). So instead we stayed home (once he finally showed up, an hour after leaving Fremont) and ate ham and macaroni and cheese (perfect winter food), then did responsible homeowner things like make flan (using the extra half and half from Thanksgiving) and set up the sparkly Christmas tree (newly arrived from Ebay). (It was all in keeping with our philosophies of how to take care of the house - "I'll cook/garden!" "I'll build something!")

Finally at 10 PM we sat down for a game of Puerto RicoCollapse )

Just got word my court date from the attack in August has been set for January 22. I hope they don't try to use my LJ for evidence. How embarassing that would be! (And I feel just a little bit sweaty thinking about what happened, and talking about it in front of her and a whole room full of people, and I think my stomach is starting to hurt. Time to plunge into work.)
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Sea dragon

The Federal Building downtown has been seeded with peanut butter

Last night I was looking at the website for Seattle Animal Control (I'm contemplating getting another cat) and I saw this headline: "Preparing pets for a terrorist attack." And I thought, gosh, I've got Shadow all trained to carry the missle launcher, but Lily is having a really hard time pulling the trigger without opposable thumbs. (Given what I've heard about the use of donkeys and chickens in this war, poodles could be the next big thing ...)