December 10th, 2003

Sea dragon

Space is the place

Somehow I completely forgot that my work group is going out to lunch today, and not only brought in my lunch but also asked someone if they wanted to GO to lunch with me. Dope. But it's clear what the highlight of my day normally is. Today, it will be a visit to the Taj Palace.
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    Jo Clayton's "Moongatherer," although I just kind of started
Sea dragon

Nobody cares what I'm doing right now

I'm frantically surfing the web looking for someone with a black persian kitty for me to adopt (in case the black feral kitty at my sister in law's office is just too wild to have a good home here). But what I'm really finding is a world of stunningly bad web design, featuring animation (moving stars and rippling water), music clips, and a frantic over use of fairies, flowers, (American) flags, and Jesus pictures. Where the hell have these people been for the last five years? My sense of aesthetics is damaged from all of this bad shit.

I also am trying to get my story on Michael Kenna done for Tablet. It's due tomorrow so I'm going to be very busy ... especially since I'm taking shadowdaddy to the train station at 7 AM for his jaunt to Whistler (Canada, to ski). It's going to be a lonely, lonely weekend.