December 11th, 2003

Sea dragon

Let's just clarify

Folks, I was having a wee bit of a joking self-pity comment about the lonely, lonely weekend. I would like to see people. I am not going to die and I know that. But I will miss having anyone at home for four days. Please do not take me too seriously, unless it motivates you to want to do something with me, which is fine, but not because you think I need to be on suicide watch.

Let me be clear about what's really happening this weekend ...
1. Tonight. Nothing. Possibly "From Here To Eternity" at the Varsity.
2. Tomorrow. No work during day. Fill time with Christmas shopping, planting a few remaining flower bulbs, returning some stuff, possibly taking feral kitten to vet. Take late, long nap. Eat dinner with friend (I planned this last weekend in anticipation of having nothing to do) and drink lots of caffeinated beverages. Go to game party, then go directly to work at 1 AM.
3. Saturday. Come home from work around 9 AM or so. Deal with dogs. Try to sleep. Deal with dogs. Go to Medieval Women's Choir concert if I can stay awake through it, possibly go to Slater-Kinney/Catpower show if possible to stay awake long enough to get to it.
4. Sunday. Recover from Saturday's lost sleep. Go to cookie party at my brother's house early PM with dagmar_b. If possible, find a place to watch second part of "Angels in America" (hello, scarlettina?). Pick up shadowdaddy at Amtrak station at 10.

I've got room for Karaoke in that schedule somewhere, I'm certain ...
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I want to go to Madrid

SAS is doing flights from Seattle to Madrid for $299 (plus tax) for today only. I wish I had some time between now and the end of March when I though I could go. Darn it all.

I just took a walk outside to get away from all the flourescent lights (unfortunately I waited until all of the nice clearness had gone away and we were back to low cloud cover and little light, but still, I was outside). I actually got into the hills behind the office and had a chance to get a whiff of some nice damp forest. It was great. I need to go hiking more.
Sea dragon

Down to the last minute

We're getting all pumped up and ready for the big launch, and the last few details are coming into place before people take all of their computers and pile them into the "war room" in anticipation of launch night. So, while I'm waiting for the go-ahead to do the final steps before the countdown starts (while the old code is nice and stable), I'm doing some research into what kind of supplies I would like to see waiting for us in the war room during our long IP slog. Thanks to Google, I had no problem finding exactly the beverage I am hoping to see: Bawls, the "highly caffeinated beverage in the blue bottle that saved my ass last summer. Apparently it's very popular among LAN gamers - my office neighbor recognized it immediately.
Sea dragon

Looks like a quiet night in Lake Jay-Be-Gone

I'm still at work, dorking around because I don't have anything else to do, really, or mostly. Well, I kind of have one thing to do, which is write my Tablet story. That will probably be the focus of the evening. No going out to a movie, no going out to dinner. I've got some nice Chinese food to heat up at home and dogs waiting for a walk and an editor waiting for my story (due tonight). I do have an invite for drinkies around 9 on Capitol Hill and I think I'm going to take that up given the lack of competition for excitement. Then tomorrow I can sleep in, get up just in time to go to Pilates (at 11), and fool around all day prior to going in to work at midnight (ETA has been moved up). Expect few posts, or a million, tomorrow.
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