December 15th, 2003

Sea dragon

Post prop return to work, where is my good night's sleep?

I'm still strung out from this weekend. I couldn't fall asleep last night and at some point (5:30 AM) moved out on the couch just to ensure I got a little shut eye during the hour and a half I had left to get it.

It was great having Worthy Opponent back home. He almost walked by me at the train station (there's an exit that doesn't require going through the lobby) but he saw my big red coat all the way from the platform. They're restoring the King Street Station and what they're got exposed looks really cool. Why in the world would they hide all of that beautiful terracotta under ceiling panels? It will be gorgeous when they're done. Then maybe with a little luck they can see about improving train service so that we've actually got a reason to go down there.

The party last night did NOT turn out like I intended. dagmar_b did come, thank goodness! Without her, I would have never made it out the door yesterday and would have just stayed home in my jammies and new slippers and been depressed. But Dave's trash talk turned positively vitriolic, reminding me that half of being a good sport is being a good winner as well as a good loser. He finally figured out that he'd pissed me off, but by then the damage had done and I'd lost any interest in engaging him on the field of geekly battle. (More to come, my stomach is hurting from excess caffeine consumption and I have to get some food in it.)
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Sea dragon

Thinking about Mexico and not about work

Now that we've propped the new code, I've got some slack time at work. I'm wasting it well, I think, since I'm looking into where we're going to stay while we're in La Paz. I'm thinking about this cheap B&B now instead of the La Perla. Why do these hotels want to charge $75 a night like you're in Paris instead of Mexico? I don't get it. I'm sending them emails asking about reservations from my work account - maybe they'll think I'm official and give me a good deal.

After I picked up Worthy Opponent, we went home and he told me all about his trip to Whistler and gave me the goodies he picked up for me while I plied him with cookies and fudge and showed him the progress I'd made on the Christmas shopping. He made a cute little notebook full of stories he wrote for me on the trip. I can't wait to dig into it! It's even in my favorite colors ... black and red. And of course he got me a box of Victorian creams from Roger's Chocolates. I keep hearing it as "Wogewr's Chocowates in Victowia" in my head.

So today it's back to what passes for my normal life. I'm planning on going to see the 9:10 American Splendor at the Crest, but otherwise, who knows?
Sea dragon

Time to go home - yay

I have this problem when I go Christmas shopping of falling into a "one for you and two for me!" trap, which can get very expensive. I was pretty good this weekend, though (no doubt because of the impending bill for the plane tickets to Mexico), but when I saw these house slippers, I figured, who else would buy them for me? If I wanted them I would just have to get them for myself. "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with," you know? And that's my big black poodle laying with his head on my black poodle shoes. The rest of his body is actually attached, in case you were wondering.
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Sea dragon

It's like I'm in a movie only no one will illustrate

I went to see American Splendor tonight and I really liked it. It didn't have a dumb cute Hollywood ending, which I liked and was true to the source material. I thought it was interesting that throughout the whole movie he never talked about how writing about people you know can get you in trouble. I figure if I can just write about stuff that happened ten years ago I'll be safe, but what I really need is a good artist to get me over my story telling hump by doing all the drawings for me so I can focus on the writing part. Too bad I'm not friends with R. Crumb. Harvey Pekar has all the luck.

On the way home Worthy Opponent and I were trying to come up with a name that would capture all of the dumb dot com companies that I worked for. I noticed that they have a lot of "bits" of words in common (like the "ia" ending) and that it should be pretty easy to blend them into one big fake name that I could use to refer to every company I have ever or will ever work for. Worthy opponent got Vendarkadioia. I came up with Expedilidaciocious. I think we've missed a couple of companies, though, since we skipped Q and X. Any suggestions?
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